Privacy Policy

E-IM@M is a utility and information application related to the religion of Islam. This application is developed and published by ETANWIR (Kaiss Battikh), are not affiliated with and do not support any particular political organisation, sect, ideology or denomination.

ETANWIR cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content and information provided on this application. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure high standards and quality for the content and information provided within this application.

ETANWIR cannot be held responsible for any personal loss, damage or crisis sustained as a result of using this application. The information provided in this application is not intended to replace any official information provided by any other religious authority.

The text of the Quran, Hadiths and its translations are carefully produced, verified and continuously monitored by a group of specialists.


The audio recitations of the Quran recorded by Muhammad At-Tablawy is, to the best of our knowledge, in the public domain.


ETANWIR (Kaiss Battikh) does not use directly or indirectly any users personal data.


Permissions listed by the application package are required by the HTML Viewer and not used directly by the application.